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Operations Specialist

Lucy Desrosiers

Born in England and by way of Australia, Lucy eventually moved to the US and grew up in Atlanta. 

After graduation, she moved to the Cayman Islands and began her adult life working as a Divemaster. She eventually moved back to the States and started her family.

Five countries and six states later, Lucy reconnected with her high school sweetheart David, and they moved to Bluffton in 2021 as new empty nesters. Lucy has two boys Patrick and Charlie, both current college students.  They also have “The World’s Greatest Golden Retriever,” named Ruger.

Homebuilding is in her blood, and she joined Front Light Building Company after four years of working with a custom builder in Minnesota.  Her father was also a builder in Atlanta where she grew up. Everyone in the family, both in the US and in England, is in the construction industry in one way or another. They can design it, build it, decorate it and sell it!

In her spare time, you’ll find Lucy driving her old Jeep to the beach or visiting her boys at school.


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Lucy Desrosiers
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