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  • Thank you for referring your client(s) to Front Light Building Co. (“FLBC”). We have a policy of paying building referral fees to the procuring cause of its custom and speculative homes if your client(s) signs a construction agreement with FLBC. FLBC will pay a 3% referral fee (after applying any concessions, discounts, credits, or the like affecting the final sale price) on the total hard costs of construction when the certificate of occupancy has been obtained to the procuring South Carolina licensed agency.
  • Client registration may not be honored if the client is already working with an FLBC representative or if the client is already registered by a different referring Broker. In the event two or more Brokers refer the same prospect, the referral fee will be paid to the “procuring cause” Broker. This commission only applies to your registered clients introduced to us through you as a Realtor. If your client is already registered with us through our website or database, no commission will be paid.
  • Realtors / Brokers registered on this form will be protected for a period of 60 days from the date of registration. FLBC MAY grant extensions upon written request, any such extension shall be in writing or they are invalid. The expiration of an initial registration without an extension expressly authorizes FLBC the right to work with the same client without any obligation to the below-signed Realtor/Broker named on this registration form. The Realtor / Broker acknowledges that he has informed the undersigned client/customer of their working relationship.

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